Our Services

Technical Management

We manage our ships with lot of care and passion. We have strong ship management expertise ashore and qualified and handpicked crew on board. Our expert, forward-thinking technical personnel, with in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry and best management practices, consistently excel at providing our clientele with all the technical management services needed. As a safety-first organization, we believe in securing the safety of the ship, crew, and cargo at all times.

To maximize safety and minimize risk, we conduct audits and inspections regularly, comply with specific procedures, standards, and checklists stringently, and ensure the presence of experienced personnel at all times to manage any unforeseen circumstances.Whether the ship is a bulk carrier or a container ship, we have the expertise, the experience and the tools to safely and efficiently maintain your asset value. We maintain our ships it to the highest standards and in accordance with the ship’s design, your needs and the society and flag state requirements. Our teams strive to monitor all aspects of our ship for efficient performance, maintenance, and operating conditions at sea and at ports through timely inspections and comprehensive software-based reporting.Please feel free to contact us through phone or email anytime. We will be happy to provide you with all necessary details and discuss your specific requirements further.

Crew Training

At Synergy Ocean Maritime Inc., we strongly emphasize on the absolute knowledge, commitment, and teamwork attributes of the crew. We carefully handpick our crew and provide relevant and detailed training (technical and reporting) to ensure they are qualified and highly competent to handle ship duties and ensure the safety of the ship as well as their own safety, and ultimately fulfil theirs as well as our combined goals and objectives.

We also make sure that the crew are well taken care of, are heard, feel valued, are confident and have a high morale through timely communication, proper employee benefits, sufficient time offs, and adequate overall compensation.