Our Vision

We are a young and dynamic team guided by our core values and strong domain expertise. Our evolution and growth are driven by integrity, profound conviction in human values and deep-rooted concern for environment. Our Vision, Mission and Values reflect the philosophy of our organization, and define the code of conduct that will guide every employee and associate through our growth and success.

Our roadmap starts with our vision “To be a globally trusted and preferred shipping company providing holistic and comprehensive solutions in ship management. Safety, security, and care for our people, assets, and environment remain our priority”. We continually strive towards zero injuries, damages and pollution and continuously work towards reduction in permitted emissions.

Our mission serves to set a roadmap and guides us to achieve our vision. We shall:

  • Leverage our global understanding and domain expertise to cater to dynamic customer needs;
  • Innovate continuously and exploit the possibilities of latest technologies to keep ahead of rapidly changing industry trends;
  • Build long standing partnerships based on integrity, shared values and mutual benefits;
  • Expand our team by employing right talents and providing them with vibrant, conducive and progressive work culture;
  • Contribute to the wellbeing and progress of community by promoting and upholding our commitment towards society through CSR initiatives.

Our Core Values – ‘PROPEL’ Synergy Ocean:

Our core values are the deeply held beliefs and are the seeds of our organizational culture. They serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave both individually and collectively. Our anagram for the core values- PROPEL Synergy Ocean, helps embedding of the core values into each individual in our organization.

We take pride in the way we conduct our business in a safe and efficient manner. We are proud of our partners, our people, our processes and our culture. We continuously work towards setting new industry standards in safety of people and environment.

Respect is the foundation of a good organization. All our actions are driven by respect towards self, others and environment. As a company working in diverse geographies, we respect the diversity of culture and ideas. We also respect and comply with laws and regulations in different regions.

Being Open and transparent is our identity. Openness brings purity and simplicity into our business. We believe in sharing, caring and being considerate. Win-win is what we strongly believe in.

In a proficient manner we empower people with courage, freedom and confidence to take right decisions. We believe that constructive learning is the best way of improving and empowering oneself and the organization to increase proficiency.

People are our biggest assets. Empathizing helps in understanding the individual as well as the environment that we are in. Empathy, as a part of the just culture enhances the safety culture.

We are here to lead. Through innovative, cost effective and efficient means we aspire to surge ahead of our competition and be trendsetters in Safe & Proactive ship management.

We believe that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Synergy based on mutual trust and confidence is our key strength – and we constantly strive to align our individual abilities to achieve organizational goals and shared vision.

By living these values, “SYNERGY OCEAN” aspires to set a high standard of excellence worldwide.

“Pride ourselves and Respect everyone, with Open heart and Proficiency. Empathetic team Leads the way”.